Statutes of nanotec for schools

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Art. 1 Definition

Under the name of nanotec for schools is an ideal-goal association governed by these statutes and by articles 60 and following of the Swiss civil code. The duration of this association is unlimited and its headquarters is in Lausanne.

Art. 2 Goals

The goals of nanotec for schools are to provide all organizations a methodology of learning nanotechnology for young students through pedagogical modules and the promotion of science teaching.

Art. 3 Means

To achieve its goal, nanotec for schools finds its own funding from third parties.

Art. 4 Organization

The deliberative bodies of nanotec for schools are the general assembly, the committee and the auditor.

Art. 5 General assembly

1 The general assembly is composed by the members of nanotec for schools. 

2 The ordinary general assembly is convened annually by personal e-mail invitation to the members at least ten days before the date of the assembly. It is also convened in extraordinary session, whenever the committee considers it is appropriate or when a fifth of the members makes a request.

Art. 6 Duties of the general assembly

The general assembly has the duties to: 

- approve the minutes of the previous assembly. 

- elect the committee. 

- discharge the competent bodies.

- modify the statutes. 

- admit the new members and eventually revoke members. 

- take a position on an issue considered important by the committee.

Art. 7 Committee

1 The committee is composed of 2 to 9 members, including a chairman and a secretary. 2 The committee constitutes itself. 

3 The association is validly bound by the joint signatures of two members of the committee.

Art. 8 Duties of the committee

1 It manages the affairs of nanotec for schools. 

2 It performs all the tasks that are not specifically reserved to the general assembly, including: 

- convening and organizing the general assembly. 

- develops educational materials dedicated to learning nanotechnology for young      students. 

- keeping the accounts of the association.

Art. 9 Committee meetings

1 The committee meets as often as necessary, but at least one time a year. 

2 The secretary keeps minutes of every meeting.

Art. 10 Annual report

The chairman submits an activities report at the ordinary general assembly of nanotec for schools.

Art. 11 Auditor

The chairman of nanotec for schools designates an auditor.

Art. 12 Financial year 

The financial year runs from January 1st to December 31st.

Art. 13 Members

1 Anyone who has requested the committee. The subscription is free. The association consists of : 

- Individual members 

- Collective members 

2 The committee accepts new members and inform the general assembly.

Art. 14 Dissolution

The dissolution of nanotec for schools may be decided by an extraordinary general assembly convened solely for this purpose, at least 30 days in advance by e-mail, at the request of the committee or two thirds of the members. The dissolution is decided by a majority of three fourths of the members present.

Adopted in Porto (Portugal), 11.04.2015